Five Scholarships Awarded for 2012-2013 Academic Year
May 4, 2018
Student Focus – Doni / Kosovo
July 25, 2018
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How are scholarships awarded?

Our scholarship process is driven by partnerships with local churches and Christian organizations on the ground in the areas we serve.  We depend on these partners to help us identify young Christian leaders that they know in the area.

Once these potential students are identified, they fill out an application that includes letters of reference from local teachers and church leaders.

The board of directors reviews these applications and decides on the level of support based on the student’s financial need and their individual educational situation.

We then ask our local partners to keep us apprised of any changes with the student’s activity level so we can be sure that our scholarship participants continue to do positive work in their community and keep up with their studies.

As students re-apply for additional years, we ask for a local church leader to provide a reference letter that confirms the students are still actively involved in the church and are a positive Christian influence in the community.

We maintain contact with students throughout the school year to encourage them with their studies and ensure we are being fiscally responsible with the donations we receive.

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