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May 4, 2018
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May 4, 2018
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MAPD is expanding in Romania

We are expanding our mission in Romania by helping to build a new church and school in Boiu.

Stelica and Cristina Barnabas have been ministering in Boiu for some time now. Since they have graduated, Stelica and Cristina are ready to move into the next phase of their ministry. Their goal is to build a church and school in the village of Boiu that will minister to both the spiritual and educational needs of the village. MAPD felt led to expand our mission to equip our students to make a positive difference. We have assisted in the purchase of 4 ½ acres of property in the village of Boiu. This property will allow for the construction of a school and church building. There is also plenty of room for a micro-farm that will provide food for the children in the school. This project will allow both Romanians and Gypsies to come together and be transformed by the Word of God. It will also provide a place for the poorest children of the village to receive a pre-school education that will better prepare them to be successful in the public school system.

Stelica and Cristina have a passion to reach the children and adults of this community to help break the cycle of poverty. They are already seeing the fruit of their work with several young Gypsy girls returning to school with the goal of going to college to become teachers.

We think this work is important because extensive evidence from developing countries shows that education, especially of girls, has enormous economic and social benefits; it is one of the soundest investments a country can make.

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