"Enhancing Lives of Young Christian Leaders"

Welcome to Make A Positive Difference Foundation!

We are a non-profit charitable foundation that is committed to building strong Christian leaders in developing countries. To that end, we provide university scholarships to deserving young Christian leaders so that they can use their education to assume leadership positions in their communities and countries. As leaders, these students will be well positioned to spread their Christian faith to others.

Our Mission

The mission of the Make a Positive Difference Foundation is to enhance the lives of young International Christian students and the children of missionary families by providing financial support and scholarships for higher education. By providing educational opportunities that these students might not otherwise have, we feel that these students will become strong, upright Christian leaders and will make a positive difference in their homes, communities, and countries in the future.

How We Work

The young people we work with have the potential to make positive changes in their world but they don't have the financial means to continue their education at the university level.

By providing scholarships, we help these students expand their knowledge and get into positions would not otherwise be available to them.

In these new positions these students will be better equipped to create positive change in their world.

With your help Make A Positive Difference Foundation can help these young leaders create a better life for generations to come.